Here at the Pinewood Centre we focus heavily on the importance of learning and taking part in educational endeavors. We realize that the motivation to learn comes from within just as much as it comes from social, cultural, and family influences. We want students to know that we are here to help them progress in their learning and move to the next level in their training and careers.

Certain careers require a higher level of learning beyond high school that must be completed in an accredited higher level of learning institution such as a college or university. Examples of these are architects, engineers, nurses, and doctors. While there are many other fields of study we will discuss a little about each of these.

Nurses and doctors have some of the most specific training out of any career during college and university studies. Beyond the didactics of the program they must also complete clinical rotations in different areas of the hospital and community. These clinical rotations serve as a foundation of experience for when they start practicing medicine and nursing in the future. Certain types of certifications and training are even required before they enter their clinical rotations. Some of these include Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and Basic Life Support. One of the most common online training platforms for this type of education is with United Medical Education.

Engineering is another prominent course of study during college. While quite diverse depending on the emphasis there are some shared traits to all types of engineers. This includes a foundation is practical mathematics and the ability to work through complex problems. The great thing about becoming an Engineer is you have the ability to create and design new useful tools for society. Being part of a larger picture can really influence someone and provide a sense of satisfaction with one’s own work.

Regardless of what career you choose it is important to research and find the best possible path to entering into the job. It it requires a higher level of education, consider starting your initial coursework at a community college where you can save money and obtain a higher GPA. It is always smart to avoid student debt, even if your chosen career path will be able to cover the loan payments. We always want to see students succeed not just at the university level, but long after someone is off and working.