Withdrawal Management Program

Residential Withdrawal Management Services (RWMS)

Formerly known as "Detox", RWMS is extremely important to those using drugs and alcohol who lack supportive environments and are not able to stop on their own. Staff are trained to ensure a safe withdrawal process in our non-medical setting. Although RWMS is often an entry point for treatment, it is also used for the purpose of relapse prevention and in situations where someone is in a crisis related to drugs/alcohol.

Withdrawal Management Services are available to both men and women age 16 and over. The average length of stay is 3-4 days, but this may vary according to needs and circumstances. During the withdrawal process, our front line staff provide support, reassurance and motivational counselling. Discharge planning is available and provides an opportunity to learn about treatment options, ask questions and discuss referrals.

Our Withdrawal Management Services are also able to accommodate admissions for those who are on a methadone maintenance program and for those requiring a tapering program for prescription drugs. In most situations, tapering programs are set up through community withdrawal management services and the family doctor, prior to admission.

Highlights of our Residential Withdrawal Management Services are:

  • 22 beds

  • Length of stay determined by Provincial Criteria

  • Support available 24 hrs/day

  • Discharge Planning and referrals

  • Motivational counseling

  • Payphones available

  • On-site assessment and referral service

Community Withdrawal Management Services (CWMS)

CWMS offers an alternative to Residential Withdrawal Management Services for those with less severe withdrawal symptoms who have a supportive home environment. There are many benefits to this service. It offers an alternative when it may be too disruptive to leave one's home, when transportation to Residential Withdrawal Management poses a barrier and/or in situations where someone simply wants to maintain their privacy. CWMS is offered primarily through telephone support, checking in at specified times to monitor withdrawal symptoms. Some may choose to drop in for an on-site assessment during their withdrawal process. Support, reassurance and motivational counselling are offered.

When someone wants to withdraw from prescription drugs on a tapering program, they tend to start with Community Withdrawal Management Services followed by an admission to Residential Withdrawal Management Services. Highlights of this service are:

  • Rural access

  • Least disruptive to a person's other responsibilities

  • Allows our 22 beds to be used most efficiently

  • Over 70 percent of clients who access this service are women.

Weekly meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are available on site, and all clients are encouraged to attend.

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